Another month has flown by, and 2024 already appears to be one hell of a year for new airsoft goodness, with new models dropping it seems day by day, technology racing forward again, and of course now “game season” is fully upon us even fair-weather players are heading back out!

So AAHQ is busier than ever, and the relationships that we continue to cement within the industry are really paying off to get us even further in and dive into the airsoft stories we hope you want to read! It also means that we’re accessing new AEGs and GBBs faster than ever before, often direct from the manufacturers themselves, as Bill shows this month as he gets “hands on” the new TGM R5 ETU from G&G, the latest in the run of EMG-licenced NOVESKE N4 GBBRs from Double Eagle, and the awesomely-fun JW4 Gen12 Dracarys from Double Bell!

There’s training (without the raining at last!) courtesy of Andy N, Part 2 of our delve into the LCT Z-SERIES parts from Stewbacca, and a look at “Cosplay in Airsoft” from the entire crew! Then Stewbacca delves deep into the history of airsoft-luminary Clarance Lai, and we get even deeper into the VORSK “skunkworx” to look at the next evolution of the VMP!

Miguel reports in on the most recent iteration of the annual “KIA” game in Portugal, Red Cell bring the G-SERIES category fully up to date, and Bill rounds things out by taking a close look at how the RAVEN R9 models are continuing to perform.

We believe there’s a little of everything airsoft to tempt you into ISSUE 162, and we sincerely hope you enjoy it from start to finish!

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