Great news!! The latest issue of Airsoft Action is out now!

As Covid-19 rumbles on around the world, wherever you are, we hope you are fit and well.

Despite the lockdown, our Contributors have been working hard to bring you an issue packed with reports, reviews and articles – and this is a flavour of what’s inside…

If you are into your guns, we have reviews of G&G’s unblinkered PRK-9, CYMA all-electric 132S AEP, Specna Arms’ much anticipated SAJ-04, VFC’s mouth-watering SR-16 and Specna’s solid Core C03.

Looking for a mid-range rifle? Steve T puts two of the most popular contenders head to head – and you might be as surprised at the outcome as we were!

Being stuck inside really sucks, so maybe now is a good time to maintain your kit and gear and to help, we have three different articles giving you loads of tips and help on how you can keep everything in tip-top condition and ready for when things get back top normal.

Unfortunately, being confined can also cause stress and anxiety and mental health issues can affect anyone, especially when isolated. Nobody is immune and Steve T. writes about his experiences and how airsoft has helped him, along with some of his fellow AA Contributors, through the dark times.

To round everything off, we have a special report from Tomo, of Arms magazine, who reports from his recent visit to the Airsoft Surgeon Championship, which we have reproduced in his home language, Japanese, while Ioan “Iggy” Roberts reports from a fabulous CQB site just outside Christchurch, NZ.

Of course, we also have all our usual columns and features for you to enjoy.

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Whichever way you decide, we hope you enjoy the read! Hopefully this will be over soon and we’ll again be able to say… “See you out there!”