The latest issue of Airsoft Action is available now and, as always, is packed with fresh articles, latest releases, events, news, reviews and stories from around the world.

If your style is “OPFOR”, then be sure to checkout Bill’s review of the sublime Arcturus AK-12 but if AR-recoils are more your thing, don’t miss his coverage of Bolt’s B4 LRP, while the G&G GTP-9 is sure to please pistol shooters everywhere.

Japan is the home of airsoft and Laylax Rai reports from an awesome – and extremely wet – 24-hour endurance MilSim, while over in Taiwan Stewbacca writes about playing in the tropics and also reports on a potential issue that could effect airsoft globally.

Our Kit & Gear coverage includes an update to Bill’s search for his perfect “green gear” loadout, along with what’s caught his eye recently over at Gunfire, in Poland.

As lockdown continues to be eased, we ask the AA TEam what they will be doing “After Lockdown” and also take a look at a superb hand sanitiser product from British manufacturer BCB International.

Wherever you are in the World, we hope you are fit, well and back out playing again soon!

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