It seems like good news is returning to be the norm for the airsoft community globally, and we’ve received another positive update from our good friends at NUPROL that they are currently taking deliveries from all their distribution brands as usual again!

This is really good for the UK community especially as new models are now hitting the NUPROL warehouse including some tasty looking variants of the latest “AR” models from BOLT.

We’re particularly liking the look of the BOLT B4 LRP, but for CQB players it will undoubtedly be the BOLT B4 PMC models that are of most interest, and these should be with stores for online order soon, and we’ll be checking them out fully in a future issue of Airsoft Action!

Hopefully it won’t be long until we can make an appointment to visit our favourite shop in person, and it seems there’s going to be a LOT of exciting new AEGs and GBBs to check out when we do!