One of the things that WE really, truly love about airsoft is the fact that you can get your hands on replicas of countless firearm models. You can then use them in many ways as you might be a hardcore “MilSimmer” with an up to the minute L85A3, a “Nam Grunt” with a classic M16A1, a “Sci-Fi/Horror/Post Ap Warrior” with anything you can lay your hands on, or indeed a player with one foot in the WWII re-enactment camp with your M1 Garand or Kar98.

We’ve tried most forms of airsoft, but one that we’ve never had the chance to get into is “Wild West”.

When you think of “Wild West” there are of course a couple of firearms that undoubtedly spring to mind, the Colt SAA revolver and the lever-action Winchester rifle… but what’s got the AA crew into a bit of a debate is whether or not the lever action has a place in the “tacticool world”…

What started the debate was Jimmy posting up an image in our own chat group of a “Tactical Winchester”, and of course you can get one of these in airsoft form courtesy of Marushin, their “Raptor Zero”, or indeed if you want to save some bucks then there’s the A&K M1873R M-LOK and the A&K M1892R M-LOK!

But, BUT.. is this something that should have a place in our modern airsoft armouries? The classic Winchester, for sure, but an M-LOK version all cooled up for the modern day?

Tell us what you think, we’re interested in what you have to say and which side you fall on in this debate too!