All of us love a great outdoor airsoft site, and our friends at Helikon-Tex have just launched a super campaign that certainly strikes a chord with us!

Looking after the environment where we play is not just the duty of the individual Site Operator and their Site Team, but the responsibility of EVERY player to ensure that the natural environment where we enjoy our games is left as pristine as possible when we leave. This is not just so new players can enjoy the same experience that we’ve already enjoyed, but for each and every one of us to embrace so that sites are always preserved as best possible for the future!

In the words of the guys at Helikon-Tex:

“The future is in your hands! Yeah, it’s easy to think about environmental problems as sort of global ones in which any effort made by a single person cannot make a difference, but in reality it’s quite contrary. Those single efforts combine and make a world of difference to keep Nature safe. That’s why Helikon-Tex encourages people to act responsibly, to take care of surroundings and to think beforehand about purchasing new gear.

Choose gear that’ll last years! The first step to reduce the amount of stuff finishing its life on the landfill is to produce clothes and gear that’ll last. Durability is not only a marketing slogan – it’s a statement. Helikon-Tex is proud to be a producer to whom the customers regularly say that they have their pants, jackets or backpacks for 5, 6 or even 8 years, and they still work well. That’s the most natural way for a gear manufacturer to take care of Nature.

Fix when broken! It’ll have an enormous impact on the environment if we start to value fixing our stuff more than throwing it away. Some Helikon-Tex products already have their dedicated spare element to be used when someone wants to repair his or hers gear with ease. That way we can not only save the Planet and some money but have a little fun as well. Some may even try their survival skills while fixing their gear.”

Sadly we’ve all seen the awful pictures online recently of the state that some members of an uncaring and irresponsible “joe public” have left even areas of outstanding natural beauty in, with trash left all over, so let’s do our bit shall we?

Let’s be better than the herd and show that we as airsofters truly value both the places where we live, and the places where we play!

You can check out more details of the Helikon-Tex #NoTrashNoTrace campaign HERE