As we enter another exciting week there’s more news to keep us smiling! Newly arrived with out friends over at Gunfire are two new AEG models (both in two colour options!) that are going to please a lot players that favour a “modern SF” style in their looadouts in the shape of the SA-H11 and SA-H12 ONE carbines!

Both these super-looking “416” style AEGs benefit from striking looks with a choice of up-to-the-minute rail systems, and are solidly made from a mix of Alloy, Steel, and Polymer parts. Inside each of them is the Specna Arms spring release system called Enter & Convert. With this system it is possible to rapidly and quickly adapt the power of the AEG to the conditions expected onsite without you needing access to a workshop or a set of special tools;once the gearbox has been taken out of the replica’s body, the process of spring change lasts literally seconds.

The advantages of Enter & Convert system are hard to overstate. In the light of the current tendency worldwide to use legal limitations regarding the muzzle velocity of replicas or internal regulations inside various groups, the system guarantees the user a varied set of possibilities and much freedom. The Enter & Convert system minimal downtime to change the main spring, so you can set your muzzle velocity so as to guarantee an ideal compromise between effectiveness of fire and safety for the user himself as well as other participants, along with local legality.

The AEGs are fully compatible with LiPo and LiFe batteries. Due to base muzzle velocity of 430FPS provided by the main spring installed as default at source, the H11/H12 is perfect for operating at medium range. The set also includes an M90 spring, which allows to reduce the muzzle velocity to 310FPS immediately so that the AEGs meet local guidelines and are perfect for close-range and indoor use.

The gearbox (which is reinforced as standard) hides a steel main spring guide which is the crucial element of the Enter & Convert system, along with 8mm bearings and steel thread-wheels which are placed on spacers. The system is secured with the use of four anti-reversals, and there is a type 2 cylinder and steel breaker. The AEGs are factory-fitted with an accurate, rotary type polymer Hop-Up unit that allows very precise and stable regulation of BBs.

So, not only do the H11 and H12 look GREAT, but they’re also setup to perform wherever you are in the world with minimal fuss! We’re certainly looking forward to trying one, and as always we’ll report back when we have!