Our friends around the world are telling us that they are getting properly prepped and geared up in readiness for regular games to start again, and here in the UK those games are already rolling!

In the next monthly issue of Airsoft Action (coming on the 15th!) there will be a more in-depth look at how you can prepare your RIFs in readiness for “game on”, but for now we thought we’d share the “aide-memoire” that we use ourselves, and it’s the very apt “BOMB UP!”

“BOMB UP” is a handy little acronym that helps us to remember all the game essentials;

B – is for BATTERIES

Batteries are a fundamental part of our airsoft gear, not only those that fit into and power our AEGs, but also those that fit into optics, taclites, and comms. Now is the time to make sure that all your batteries are fully charged (and balanced), and that LiPos in particular aren’t showing any sign of degradation. Also take a moment to power up your radios if you use them, and do a simple “comms check”.

O – is for OPTICS

Many is us run an optic on our AEG, red-dot, holo, or magnified, so if you’ve been storing them off your AEG then it’s time to make sure that (as above) any batteries are charged and/or replaced, and that they’ve held their zero. It’s easy for an established zero to get knocked out of kilter, so at least take a moment to refit it to your platform of choice and marry it up and co-witness to your BUIS so it’s good to go in a basic way.


If your AEG or GBB has been in storage in a cold shed, outbuilding, or even an uninsulated loft you may want to check how your hop, and particularly your hop rubber, has fared and get this set with your favoured weight of BB. Also check the motor height to make sure it’s still optimum, and give your entire AEG a good look over, making sure that all bolts and screws are tight. You should also check all your mags, give them a thorough inspection, and of course make certain that they’re feeding properly!

B – is for BBs

Depending on what type of BBs you favour it may be time to invest in a new bag or bottle! BBs can degrade over time (especially Bios if you’d opened the bottle before you stored them), so it’s probably for the best to treat yourself to some new ones, and any good retailer will be stocking up with them if they haven’t already! Also check out how you stand for other consumables like gas, and make sure you’ve got enough to see you through your first game back.

U is for UNIFORM

UNIFORM to us encompasses not just your clothing, but also your headwear, footwear, accessories like gloves and masks; make sure that everything is completely serviceable and good to go! Also here we’ll look at our gear such as belt kit, rigs, plate carriers, and packs; make certain that your belt, rig, or PC still fits you comfortably, and that all straps and closures are checked thoroughly for signs of wear. Ensure that all pouches are still firmly attached, and that they’re where you need them!


Once you’ve checked every single item on your kit list, take a pause to prepare yourself more generally! Check that you have eyepro, and even spare eyepro (you can never have enough eyepro!). Check that you have something warm to throw on when you start to chill down in the Safe Zone. Make sure you have your “nosebag”, food and water, enough to see you through your gameday.

And last but by no means least, PREPARE YOURSELF MENTALLY! We’re sure, like us, that you’re 100% psyched to get back out and play, but don’t let that excess of enthusiasm get in the way of your own, and everyone else’s enjoyment of the day we’ve all been waiting for. Remember once you’re back out there, excited as you’ll be, that you still need to play with honour, take your hits, and make your first game back a truly memorable one!