LCT Airsoft have really been pushing along with their “modular” program, and the very latest model to get some “add-on love” is the PP-19-01 9mm “Vityaz”!

The new additions look really cool, and add to what is already an excellent AEG in its base form; Bill took a look at this model back in 2017 and concluded:

“As with other LCT models the features are excellent as it comes with a full steel receiver and barrel assembly, and an extremely solid side-folding stock. The polymer furniture and modernised pistol grip are very well achieved, and the detail is perfect, even down to the new-style flash-hider. Like the AKS-74U the PP-19-01 has a retained top cover, hinging just behind the classic AK-style rear sight. The twin 50 BB magazines come with the correct style of coupler although they can be removed from this for easier pouch storage. If you fancy the idea of an OPFOR variant, but want something that’s a little unique, different and thoroughly up to date then the “Vityaz” could be just the thing you’ve been searching for.”

And with all-new accessory parts now available, if you already own an LCT “Vityaz” then the time could be just right to give it a facelift with these super new parts, and you can check out the entire range HERE!