Some very cool news to start the week in our “Monday Gunday” slot as our friends at VegaForceCompany just gave messaged us with a great update!

They directed us to the announcement that they’ll be working with Fowler Industries which reads:

“We are very happy to announce our officially licensed line of airsoft slide and trigger kits with VegaForceCompany! VFC’s airsoft products are some of the most sought after in the world, and for good reason – VFC’s attention to detail and quality control is unmatched. We are proud to have VFC licensing our Mk 1 and Mk 2 complete slide kits (with BLK barrel) with our Zero trigger. Airsoft can be an extremely viable training aid when live fire isn’t possible; having your airsoft or training pistol streamlined with your real firearm is a fantastic option to have. Be sure and head over to the @vegaforcecompany IG page to check them out!”

For those of you that haven’t come across Fowler Industries before they’re a company based in northern California that specializes in the meticulous modification of Glock pistols; Fowler Industries has mastered the art of customization and they specialize in Glock pistols that set the industry standard for hand-fit, match barrels.

If you’re a “gun bunny” like us you’ve probably seen custom Fowler Industries Glocks on Instagram, displaying their purpose-driven weapon systems. Fowler Industries is one of the last companies to offer hand-fit barrels which are capable of achieving sub-1/2″ grouping at 30 yards. FI custom Glock builds have a comfortable grip with enough traction in high-stress situations, hand-fit barrels, triggers that offer smooth pull, and micro-inspected slides which result in an end product that is the shooters first line of defense.

Of course if you want an extra reason to be excited about this news then we can only mention the Costa Ludus Covert Series which a collaboration between Chris Costa and Fowler Industries exclusive to Shooting Surplus in the USA. The Covert Series most notably features what Chris currently runs on all of his pistols, and the longer sight radius and concealability of the chopped grip make this a deadly package!

Now this last bit is just to give some flavour and there’s no confirmation of this series in the airsoft line, but we can only hope that there’s a model like the Fowler Industries Costa Ludus G19 GEN 3 A1 to appear in the future, and we’re just stoked that VFC have linked up with another great name in the firearms industry to bring more unique products to airsofters around the world.