We just got sent some great news from our friends over at GUNFIRE in Poland to let us know that the CO2 version of the Sig Sauer ProForce P320 M17 is now back in stock with them!

The latest offering from SIG, the M17 has been designed not just as an airsoft pistol, but also as a 6mm “trainer” for the RS community to use. A fully licensed replica of a US Army standard-issue pistol made of metal and polymer., as with the “real deal” the frame is made from polymer., and the slide of metal. The replica can be fed from both CO2 as well as green gas magazines.

The replica has a realistic GBBsystemthat sets the action into motion when firing a shot, and as usual the slide locks in rear position after firing the last shot from the magazine. Thanks to an air-tight gas system, the replica has a muzzle velocity of iro 0.95 Joule/320 FPS on a .20g BB.

The left side features a magazine release button, the slide lock lever and the safety is ambidextrous. Under the barrel there is a RIS / Picatinnymounting rail thanks to which the replica can be equipped with additional accessories such as a laser sight or a flashlight. The top of the slide features notches that ill let you fit an RDS if you wish, although a mounting plate is necessary to do this. The replica comes with a metal magazine with a capacity of up to 21 BBs.

If you fancy the very latest sidearm to be carried by US Forces, then make sure to grab one now by visiting the GUNFIRE website!