It seems that in the “real world” AK enthusiasts really do come second place to the might of the “AR Machine” but luckily in the airsoft world at least we have a number of companies striving to give us the very latest “OPFOR” replicas in AEG form, and one of the companies leading the way in this is LCT Airsoft.

We have to admit that we’ve been following LCT Airsoft ever since their tremendous “Eastern Bloc” AEGs started to arrive on the market, and since that time their excellent AKM/S or LCKM/S replicas have become real favourites with a number of the Airsoft Action team.

And now you can take your beloved LCKMS and by using the range of LCKM Modular Parts offered by LCT Airsoft be confident that everything is going to fit together perfectly!

Time to make that LCKMS truly yours, and yours alone…