We’ve just heard from our friends at NUPROL that the Modify PP-2K has arrived with them and should be in UK stores VERY soon now!

Stewbacca checked out this super little airsoft beastie in Issue 123 (available in “Back Issues”) and concluded ” It’s just a horrendously fun gun to use and the accuracy, trigger response and experience, as well as its ergonomics and cool factor, make it well worth considering if you want something new and different…” and we couldn’t agree more with his assessment!

The PP-2K is based on the classic Russian PP-2000, and has has been revived as an airsoft model that is sure to please players favoring Russian guns. Modify’s PP-2K is made 1:1 scale to the PP-2000, with functions similar to the real deal; weighing 1.35kgs and 580mm long, the PP-2K has safe, semi-auto, and automatic firing modes. Its steel buttstock is foldable and can even be replaced with an extra-long magazine!

With the 1913 Picatinny scope rail, it accepts most accessories on the market, and its 150mm, hardened, anodized inner barrel and the newest Predator hop up bucking from Modify help to achieve super air-tightness and accuracy. The all-steel trigger mechanism vastly improves the durability of the trigger mechanism, while the nozzle has an enlarged opening to improve recoil. The lower body accepts a dedicated flashlight and the muzzle is 14mm CCW with a removable muzzle device which can be replaced with a dedicated silencer or 14-counter-thread silencer.

All in all this a tight little package, and we can see many SVD owners looking at this VERY seriously as a backup. If you like the look of the PP-2K then check with your local store as they should be available imminently!