As you probably already know Japan just went into a state of emergency this week but the International Division at Laylax are now working remotely and continue to innovate!

Speaking to them in Osaka via messenger they assured us that all is well at Laylax though as sales are steady as we all spend out "hometime" upgrading and working on our AEGs and GBBs, and we’re pleased to hear that everyone there is in good health!

They also shared with us a little update on a new accessory part they have coming soon, a little sneak peak at their new Offset Stock Base for the AR/M4 platform!

It can be used with most AR/M4 platforms to give that added height needed to use optics effectively and improve aiming, as well as a built in grip on top for smooth and efficient shoulder to shoulder transitions… don’t just take their word for it, check out a dynamic piece of video on Facebook and IG to see it in action!