With the outstanding success of the KAIJU47, KWA Airsoft are really on a roll! The KAIJU47 limited release sold out in less than 30 min during it’s pre-release launch and sold out in 12 hours for the official release on Halloween! We also loved the RN47 that we reviewed in Issue 119, and were keen to “what happened next”…

And it would seem that KWA have their foot firmly on the gas in this respect, as they just advised PRE-ORDER of the very latest model, the 2.5 QRF MOD.3!

The third iteration of the KWA QRF is now upon us! Internally, the Mod 3 shares all the same features as it’s numerical counterparts, but the outside is a whole different animal. This Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) draws inspiration from classic SMG designs and houses it in a familiar body. You can still adjust your power level to match your current mission parameters using KWA’s Variable Performance System featured in all KWA AEG 2.5+ gearbox, and you can elevate your Mod 3 to “Tier One Operator” levels by installing your favorite MOSFET such as a Gate Titan. The standard model has PTS Enhanced Back Up Iron Sights and an Enhanced Polymer Grip along with KWA’s Tanker/PDW Stock and 6” Tactical M-LOK handguard.

With the 2.5 QRF MOD.3 you’ll benefit from:

KWA’s Superior Extrenal Design
AEG 2.5 (VPS – Adjustable FPS)
Light & Compact
Switch Life Extender
Upgraded High Gear Set; High Torque Motor

With an official Release Date of the 14th December 2020 we’re really excited about this innovative, unique and different take from KWA, and rest assured we’ll get “hands on” just as soon as we can and report back!