We always have a couple of days after we release a new issue to let the web traffic settle, but today we’re back, and super-excited as finally S&T’s Lee Enfield No. 1 Mk III has landed with us courtesy of our friends at iWholesales (thank you!), and over the weekend we were able to start putting this potential airsoft icon through its paces!

Yes, we know we are “international media” these days with a growing Legion of contributors from around the globe, but sometimes we are still proud to have a core of Britishness, and the Lee Enfield really makes us remember that as it has such a rich heritage with HM Forces!

The finish is indeed super, and the old gal really feels like she means business, although the woodwork looks far too new… if that’s a criticism then it’s about the only one we have thus far! The bolt-action (after applying a dab of MAG-LUBE in the appropriate places as it arrived drier than a dry thing!) operation is super-smooth and effective, sliding back and forth from battery with ease.

And in terms of power we were promised a power level of 110/120 m/s on a .20g which equates iro of 400fps at the higher end, and we’re pleased to report that “as new” the Lee Enfield was delivering very close indeed to that figure, with consistency to boot! We’re also pleased to report that moving up to .30g BBs this beloved bolty was delivering 30mm groupings at 30m prone… and that’s with a hop that’s not yet fully bedded.

Promising, VERY promising indeed!

Details include:

– Innovative Alloy Black oxide Finishing
– Real Wood Main Body
– The rear hammer action like real
– We use iron to make the cylinder bolt more durable under pressure.
– Dummy bolt ejector make the bolt more realistic
– New Hop-up Design. Increase Shooting Accuracy.
– Custom built classic screws

Now we know that there are already folk out there working on “projects” with this new yet classic rifle, but you’ll have to wait until 15th Feb for our full report, although we will update news in the meantime.

Now, back to that “Mad Minute”…