We’re back today after a long weekend and raring to go, and we hope that everyone is having a great start to their week!

To kick off ours, of all the wonderful things that we saw at IWA we’re still getting information in on some of them, and one model that we loved the look of but have thus far not really commented on is the new TGM R5 ETU from G&G!

Now any airsofter worth their salt will love an “MP5”, and many of us will have had one in our armoury at one time or another! Bill tells us that he carried an AEG version through his early days playing in the mangroves and paper trees of Florida, whilst of course our resident “Kochler” Stewbacca has a number of gas-powered models in his collection… but what will they think of the TGM R5 ETU version?

What we can tell you is that the “R5” will be of sturdy Polymer/Aluminum Alloy construction, and will weigh in at a CQB-freindly 2800g. It will have the Ifrit 25K Motor-Long Axis motor that we already like a lot, but there are several features that have raised an eyebrow or two here at AAHQ… obviously there’s an ETU (the name kinda gives that away!) but the first thing of interest is the new M-LOK rail design that brings things up to date, along with an optic-ready claw-mount as standard. Then there’s the new folding stock (which looks to incorporate the G&G wireless function), a new design of pistol grip, and an ambi mag release for the new 130BB middy…

The one thing that really jumps out as though if you look closely is the fire-selector as gone are the old-style red “bullet pictos”, these being replaced with what looks like a modernised design with a four-position ambi selector for Safe/Semi/Burst/Auto!

As we do already love the MP5 as a platform we’re interested to see how G&G have taken the design forward; it certainly looks righteous to us and brings a much-loved old campaigner right up to modern spec… you’ll have to wait on our final verdict though until Stewbacca gets his hands on one and gives it a traditional “AA Besting”!