In the current issue of Airsoft Action Stewbacca got properly under the skin of the new G&G LE4 and he concluded that;

“Overall, despite my initial concerns over the gas system, the G&G LE4 No.4 Mk.I SMLE has been excellent fun to use and once I got past the initial teething issues it has run excellently, the novelty and realism of both the bolt action and its proprietary patented loading stripper clip and accompanying speedloader should not be understated! So if you’re in the market for a fine-looking and practical period correct system that is very easy to operate from any position without the need to overcome springs as with air cocking bolt actions, I would strongly suggest giving the LE4 more than a cursory glance; if you find a shop that will let you try it or run it it’s definitely worth it for the experience and fun factor alone!”

And the Official Release Announcement has now been made by G&G; the LE4 MK1 will be available in stores worldwide starting November 2022!

The LE4 MK1 is a completely new design of the iconic WWII bolt-action rifle powered by green gas. Three 10-round top-loading “Charger Clips” are included with the rifle to provide maximum ammunition on the field, and the clips themselves have an internationally patented auto-ejection feature when they become depleted.

The green gas reservoir has been relocated to the stock of the rifle to optimize its performance and capacity.

A built-in hop-up tool allows for easy adjustments on or off the field and an upgraded 6.04mm tight bore barrel assists in accuracy down range.

So, if you want to own an iconic British rifle that gets our nod of approval then you can pre-order with your local G&G dealer today!