At Airsoft Action we’re always searching for the very latest and the very best that our favourite manufacturers can offer us, and we try to provide content for players both old and new, but sometimes we all need reminding that we all started somewhere!

G&G Armament dropped us a mail with a very useful “guide” for those new to airsoft, those that are looking to buy their very first AEG, and although it obviously focuses on their own models (no bad thing TBH!) there’s some very useful points to consider… so, without further smacking of gums here’s what they sent us!

If you’re new to airsoft or thinking about getting into it, you’ve probably heard from your local store or friends to get a (G&G) Combat Machine for your first automatic electric gun (AEG). What is a Combat Machine? Well, the G&G Armament Combat Machine is an entry-level, budget-friendly AEG. Its rise to popularity was for its durability and affordability among new beginners. In fact, various dealers across the world use the CM16 Carbine or the CM16 Raider for their rental fleet. Chances are, if you want to rent an airsoft gun at your local field or arena, you would see a G&G Armament Combat Machine.

What is your budget?
First, identify what your budget is for your first airsoft AEG. Our Combat Machine line ranges anywhere from UK£125/US$170 to UK£325/US$450. The price range varies for different reasons, from internal components installed to the material used for the external parts.

Do you plan to upgrade?
The Combat Machines are built to last and thus have a great reputation with entry-level players. Some Combat Machines have upgraded internal components to give you better performance on the battlefield. One thought to consider is, are you going to want to upgrade your AEG later? If so, its best to get the one with basic internals and add aftermarket parts after your 90-day manufacturer warranty expires. If you make any modifications internally or remove the orange flash hider before the 90-day period from the purchase date, you will void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Some Combat Machines come with pre-upgraded internal components to give you a better performance out of the box. Some of these upgrades include a pre-installed MOSFET. A MOSFET is short for Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-effect Transistor. It helps prevent damage on your trigger contacts. Another pre-upgraded feature is an electronic trigger unit (E.T.U.) which enables you to have a 3 round burst function once you program it with your trigger. It also removes your traditional trigger contacts found in the rifle and it gives you greater trigger response time. A third upgrade is a rotary hop-up unit which assists in adjusting the amount of hop a BB has when you shoot your rifle.

There are other variables to consider when deciding on your first AEG for airsoft, but cost, gameplay style, and performance are the most basic factors. If you’re still having trouble figuring out which rifles are the best one for you, we have listed a few of our top recommendations from our Combat Machine line.

CM16 Raider
This rifle put G&G Armament on the map in airsoft. The CM16 Raider is offered in black or tan and in short or long barrel. Solid internals has made this particular model a favorite for a lot of airsoft rentals for its reliability and durability.

CM16 SR Series
Upgraded to compete on the battlefield. The CM16 SR series (pictured, and a model we love at AA!) offers a range of sizes and colors. It’s offered in seven, nine, and twelve-inch rails and it comes in black, tan, and battleship grey. It has a pre-installed MOSFET, ETU, and rotary hop-up.

When you need superior firepower, the light machine gun (LMG) unleashes havoc upon the enemy. Every team will need suppressing fire to advance across the battlefield and this gun will just do that! We recommend using this for only outdoor play due to the rate of fire and its massive 2,500 round magazine capacity.

One of our newest AEGs to hit the market and it will surely be an eye stopper at your local arena. Upgraded to perform for CQB gameplay, the SSG-1 caters to the ever-growing subculture of Speedsoft. It’s lightweight and compact, perfect for the fast pace of Speedsoft.

You can visit any authorized G&G Armament dealer to find more information on the Combat Machine line and other G&G Armament related products!