Our “Airsoft Action Red Cell” development partners at AttackSense Smart Targets just updated us with the very latest enhancement to their ever-expanding system which enables viewing of leader-boards, personal improvement and run history from anywhere, with their enhanced ShooterID app!

Although we will cover this more fully in Issue 119 of Airsoft Action, today’s announcement covers an enhancement to their wireless target system that enables shooters to view previous runs, performance gains and current leader-board positions in their AttackSense ShooterID app. Range operators can now enrol in AttackSense’s cloud services for free, allowing information to be uploaded centrally and enabling features that benefit both shooters and range operators. They tell us:

“Feedback on social media and at events we’ve attended frequently points to shooters wanting to track their performance and keep tabs on their current leader-board positions away from the range, and this latest improvement now makes that possible. We know our interactive digital displays when used at sites have a big impact on engaging shooters waiting for their turn, and this extends the competitive atmosphere out beyond their time on the range”.

ShooterID is AttackSense’s mechanism for quickly enrolling shooters into a range, using QR codes that uniquely identify a shooter across any AttackSense system. ShooterID codes can be generated by the range operator or by shooters themselves in the ShooterID app.

With this first release shooters can view and diagnose previous shoots, view their relative leader-board positions and track their improvement over time through the AttackSense ShooterID app, available now on Android and shortly on IOS. Shooters can view visits to every AttackSense system, so as more ranges enrol into the system shooters will see their improvements over multiple sites in a single view. AttackSense plans to grow this capability over time with more exciting features that will develop inter-site competitive frameworks and improved performance diagnostics.

For more information visit www.attacksense.com, or for existing AttackSense system owners, visit shooterid.attacksense.com to enrol.