As you’ll see from our post earlier today, not only is it very much “business as usual” at AAHQ, but we’re pushing forward hard again to take ground and share our love for airsoft even further than ever before!

We’re always pleased when we can move one of our valued and committed team up as this reflects just how much we value all of the people involved in the creation of AIRSOFT ACTION each and every month, but trust us when we say that every single member of the AA Crew is indeed “FAMILIA” and we support one another wherever, and whenever we can.

This is the truly great thing about our global airsoft community, we support one another. Sure, there are some “chairborne warriors” out there that like to stir the pot at any given opportunity, but it’s up to us to make their voices less heard, and to talk about what is REALLY important to us all in a positive way… and that’s the passion that we all share wherever we may be in the world… AIRSOFT!

Whether we’re in the office, on the range, in the workshop, or out at a game or event, it’s ALWAYS about aisoft; we live it day in and day out just like you do, and ultimately we’re no different, and most certainly no more important, than even the “nooest noob”… we’re airsofters, just like you, and we happen to be able to talk about what we do all the time… which makes us pretty boring at parties TBH!

So what have the guys got lined up airsoft-wise as we head towards another treasured weekend? Not office-jobs, that’s for sure!

Stewbacca as always was the first to comment in our end-of-week group catchup, and told us “this Sunday I’ll be taking a day off the usual skirmishing to once again co-teach and provide the armourer services for another civil defence class at our usual IPSC place, although to be fair an increasing number of our students have their own guns and gear now it seems, so I can take more range toys along I guess…”

Miguel followed closely and said “this weekend is going to be a little different; I’ve been invited privately by a player to attend a game/birthday/BBQ, where other team leaders and known players will be. Meanwhile, my guys are going to hit one of our fields to practice some CQB and camouflage!”

Jimmy chipped in to tell us that “I’m working in the workshop tomorrow, a few basic repairs need doing and another attempt at getting the S&T M1918 Browning to feed correctly; this is one that has been fudged by another tech so I’m playing the “will it fit” game much the same as I did a while back with that darn AGM MG42! I got there eventually but it was time consuming and stressful at times, especially when you know you are doing everything right but the thing just will not work properly. Sunday we are at Cool Under Fire locally again, sadly no game day but we are doing some maintenance and moving things around in order to make the shop a lot more permanent.”

Dan got stuck in to say that “this weekend is “D-Day”, which is the largest airsoft event in the inland northwest and likely now among one of the largest within this state and the neighbouring two. There’s lots to finish up in preparation for it, with a few quick repairs on customers builds and also gathering up all the boneyards and excess airsoft goods I need to haul for the swap-meet Saturday evening. The goal is that I come back with less than I brought…”

Yeah, tell us about THAT!

Bill updated everyone on ISSUE 164 for JULY and said “we always try to bring in something a bit special each summer, with a truly themed issue that focuses on one specific era, highlighting AEGs and GBBs that work for that timeline, along with associated research tools and tips for loadouts too! Suffice to say I’ve been spending a lot of time on the range with a variety of M14s, M16s, XM177s, and a couple of M607s recently (as has Stewbacca, pictured with the awesome VFC M16 GBBR this week!), and will do so again this weekend… I’m guessing you can tell where we’re heading for our “Summer Special” this year, haha!”

So that’s a wrap for another week, and as the sun is shining finally on the AAHQ “AO” we feel that it’s also gonna be time for some meat-fest BBQ action! Whatever you may be up to airsoft-wise yourself this weekend, we hope that you’ll have as much fun as we plan to have!

As always, if you’re out playing we’ll bow out this week with our standard mantra and say Play hard, Play safe, and above all, Play with Honour!