Over the weekend we read an excellent piece from our fellow airsofter Leah Del Castillo ((Unicorn Leah) unicornmilitia.com) in the USA and posted on the Elite Force Blog.

In it she discusses one possible “future of airsoft”, a positive future that we 100% like the look of, inclusive of all players around the world both existing and new!

In her own words:

“It’s time we put our keyboard warrior skills to use for the benefit of the Greater Good. Use your passion for airsoft to help new players navigate their way through a hobby with a steep learning curve.”

She goes on to say:

“The more positive media that’s out there about our hobby, the stronger it becomes. It’s easy for the media to get inundated with content from irresponsible airsofters; don’t let that become the new normal.”

As we hopefully begin to see the light after a long and trying tunnel these are words that we all can rally around, and try to make airsoft in the future a far better, and eminently nicer, community to belong to; time to reset and drive forward!

You can read the full article HERE, and we hope that you do!