Another Monday and we’re off to a flying start with so much to look forward to in the coming months!

SHOT is just around the corner, and then onto a reinvigorated IWA in March when we KNOW that there will be lots of good things to see… but first it’s MOA and Airsoft Action will have representation at all three major shows to ensure that we’re bringing you all the very latest and beat airsoft news as it happens!

As usual our good friends VegaForceCompany (VFC) will be showing of LOTS of new goodies on their home turf in Taiwan next month at MOA and small teasers are starting to filter out… the M110K1 GBBR rifle is already in test with us, an we’re super-excited about the M3 MAAWS and the new XM177 GBBR/XM148 GL combo, but already being spoken about is their new V2 GBB take on an absolute classic CQB monster, the MP5K!

This new addition to their already extensive MP5 line is an “early model” for the purists out there, and benefits from all the latest refinements that VFC can offer. They tell us;

“The new MP5 K/MP5 K-PDW Trigger group fully represents its different shape with other MP5 series. The internal structure also uses the design of the V2 system. It has a “Full Set Quickly Replaceable” firing control group with new design disconnect set, hammer and hammer latch. It functions and strips down similar to its real counterpart. The new bolt group appearance fully presents its unique shape. The internal structure also uses the design of the V2 system. Contains built-in floating buffer with enhanced nozzle assembly. The bolt carrier combined with steel heavy buffer and two-stage enhanced recoil spring/ steel recoil spring guide rod set. A re-designed chamber and feed system is made of reinforced polymer material, and is made to be both stable and durable.”

With many steel parts, and a host of attention to detail, this new model is sure to delight the collectors out there, but it’s also set up to rock when it comes to full-on CQB action! Stewbacca will be taking a much closer look at this GBB, and as the MP5 is one if his favoured platforms we’re looking forward to bringing you a very interesting report with all the testing detail you expect from Airsoft Action in due course!