Oh what a GREAT way to start the week!

Early last month we posted about the fact that the new SIG AIR MPX had gone on pre-order with Redwolf, and our run-up to Christmas just gets better and better as one has just landed with Boycie for test and evaluation!

It certainly looks marvellous, but as is our way though we’re not going to simply jump up and say “wow! This is fabulous!” but instead give it a proper hammering on the range before we comment fully; like you, we like to check out what a new AEG is really capable of before we flap our gums.

However, you can check out our original post HERE for more information, or simply visit the Redwolf Website for the specs lowdown.

With our special Christmas Issue (133) on the way next week, the MPX and the new RAVEN PRO 3.8 Hi Capas in test right now, and more arriving daily for range testing, 2022 is looking like it’s going to kick off with a BANG!!!