VORSK Hi-Capa pistols continue to expand in both the models and the colours on offer, and this pleases us greatly!

They are platforms that we already love, namely the full-size Hi-Capas and Vengeance pistols along with the super-snappy 3.8’s, and we already know that the performance of these is exemplary; both Jon and Bill have spoken at length on the existing pistols, and both have a VORSK Hi-Capa in their PAMG loadouts for good reason!

Since their launch, the VORSK Hi-Capa models have grown in popularity due to their excellent shot performance and gas efficiency. This high gas efficiency, the result of a large gas reservoir combined with their distinctive weight-reduced slides, has been improved further by the introduction of many weight-saving modifications. When the slide is designed and created for performance you get a further weight reduction that gives VORSK Hi-Capa’s a faster cycle rate, snappy trigger action and a solid felt recoil impulse.

The forward Picatinny Accessory Rail is there for mounting taclites and LAMs, making them perfect for close-quarter, indoor environments and precision range-work. VORSK Hi-Capas all come fitted with a 12mm (CW) / 14mm (CCW) thread adaptor hidden under a cover making the VORSK Hi-Capa ready for a series of barrel attachments too!

And now the range has got even larger, allowing YOU to really have a VORSK Hi-Capa that is undoubtedly YOURS as VORSK have expanded the range of colour finishes available within their Hi-Capa range! There are seven new finishes including FULL TAN and FULL GREY, some striking ‘MATCH’ models and a completely new PURPLE FLEK that’s sure to please the fledgling practical shooters among you; suffice to say we love them all, but the BRONZE/TAN and the FULL GREY (pictured) are our absolute favourites!

In total, there are 35 new models across the range and can all be found on the VORSK NEW RELEASES page, so if you’re in the mood for a new handgun then be sure to check them out!