It’s a whole new week and we’re back into it, hi-speed lo-drag style!

As we get properly to work on Issue 144 (to drop on November 15!) we’ve got our work cut out as the days get shorter and bad weather begins to affect range testing sessions, but luckily we WERE able to dodge the rainstorms and get the first of the new AEGs from HUNTSMAN TACTICAL out into the wild and drop some BBs downrange this weekend!

HUNTSMAN TACTICAL have just launched their initial product range, with a great selection of entry level to intermediate airsoft replicas, and they are set to be extremely well-priced and built to high specifications, supplying the user a with a great AEG, with rock solid internals.

We’ll be looking at the full range of AEGs, both polymer and full-metal in Issue 144, but we can tell you that our mates at iWholesales seem to have a righteous, sensibly-priced line of AEGs on their hands.. and now in ours!

The range includes a selection of AEG styles and lengths, with uppers and rails to match, and whether you choose metal or polymer one thing is for sure, all have quality internals built to last. Unlike most RIF’s aimed at the entry level market. The entire HUNTSMAN range comes pre-fitted with an electronic trigger unit and virtually all of them have a MOSFET as standard too! This is built into the gearbox itself, not an add-on in the stock tube, and gives a crisp reliable trigger response, usually only seen on AEGs of a much higher value. All the models come with a rotary hop unit and large 8mm bushings in the gearbox, all of which really adds to the overall build quality and feel.

On the range? As far as the M4 SHORT M-LOK model goes, so far so awesome, and as this beds in a little we’re sure we’ll be getting better results still!