It’s quietening down in the AA office as Christmas approaches, but we’re still hard at work getting the new issue ready for you to make sure it goes live on Wednesday, and what a Festive Feast it will be!

One of the AEGs we’ve been looking at is the latest model from Double Bell (DB, yeah, go figure THAT?) and it’s actually pretty good… you’ll have to tune in to Issue 133 to get the full lowdown though…

It’s interesting to see a brand not really known for high quality start to shine, and DB are obviously going hard at releasing new models; we’re REALLY pleased to see that amongst the mix there are some “historic” models, and we’re particularly pleased to see the “M607”! Okay, TM and G&P have made “Colt Mod 607s” but they are really hard to get hold of these days, and when you find one it’s normally WAY pricey!

So, it’s great to see DB have a crack at this iconic AR, and at a sensible price too; we’re told that;

“The magazine, flash hider, magazine catch, safety selector lever, bolt catch, charging handle latch, barrel, and receivers are made of metal alloy. The stock, handguard and pistol grip are made of nylon plastic. inside there’s a Gearbox V2 with quick spring change system mounted on 8mm steel ball bearings, a rotary hop-up chamber, and a 6.03mm inner barrel, 290mm length.”

This all sounds VERY nice indeed, and although DB are also offering an XM177E2 (with fat handguards, bah!), the Mod 607 is the real winner for us, and we’ll find out next year if it performs as well as it looks!