If you like a bit of MilSim in your life then no doubt the URG-I must be on your list of “must haves”!

“BLOCK 3” is, as they say, all about “Emerging Capabilities”, and a big part of this is the Upper Receiver Group, Improved (URG-I). The Upper Receiver Group, Improved or URG-I initiative was launched by the United States military to refresh rifles and carbines used by some of its units that had been using similar platforms from the “Block program”; the URG-I is designed to upgrade the current Mk18 and SOPMOD Block 2 versions of the M4 and boasts improvements over its predecessors such as an updated M-LOK handguard, charging handles, a suppressor-compatible flash hider, and new barrel.

Available with both 14.5″ and 10.3″ rail systems, the URG-I has been designed to provide users with a lightened upper receiver which provides increased parts life whilst maintaining modularity with accessories previously provided as part of the overall SOPMOD program. Though primarily issued to USASOC personnel, the URG-I has now been spotted in the wild with a number of USSOCOM elements.

Now you may think that as the “BLOCK 3” is still not so commonly seen that it would be difficult to replicate in airsoft form, but the fact is you can already have one, from GHK in GBBR form, or as an NGRS AEG from Tokyo Marui, but now you can also add VegaForceCompany (VFC) to the list… they of course already have an AEG version of this carbine, and with a little help from some friends they are now offering us a very special URG-I GBBR too!

The latest A+ X VFC URG-I MK16 GBBR has a whole heap of cool features, which include;

A+ Inner Barrel System Inside
G Style Charge Handle
Steel Flash Hider
Folding Sight
B5 Stock
Front Adjustment Type Hop-Up System (Guide Hop)


Build Material: Aluminum, Alloy, Nylon Fiber
Magazine Capacity: 30 BBs
Over All Length: 750-830 mm
Inner Barrel Length: 270 mm
Weight: 2730 g

This looks to be quote the package, and as we’ve just got in the new A+Studio CNC hop-up with 6.03 inner barrel and 2021 design hop up rubber from our good friend Clarence Lai to fit and test on our VFC BCM MCMR we’ll soon be able to talk to you seriously about the increased performance edge offered!