It’s been somewhat of a quiet(er) week for us online as we always like to give a few days for the latest Issue of Airsoft Action to settle in, but you can rest assured that it’s been anything but quiet at AAHQ!

We’ve been spending our time speaking to many of our fabulous industry partners all over the world, and setting plans and changes to how we do things in motion that will carry Airsoft Action forward into 2023, and the first of those positive changes is now in place as we are delighted to announce that Stu “Stewbacca” Mortimer will be joining the AA editorial/management team as DEPUTY EDITOR – ASIA.

It is beyond doubt that a LOT of exciting new innovation in airsoft originates in Asia, and these days most especially in Taiwan, and to cement our already-strong industry relationships Stu will be extending his role in the all-important Asian industry/market to give us even more in-depth coverage of the manufacturers themselves, shows and events, the players, and of course new airsoft products!

Bill, Editorial Director for Airsoft Action (and Calibre Publishing as a whole), said;

“I’m really delighted to make this announcement today, as Stu has been a real linchpin in helping me to develop our relationships direct with the industry at source in Taiwan and Asia, and his appointment as DEPUTY EDITOR – ASIA will take this to a whole new level!

I’m extremely privileged and grateful to have a great team of trustworthy, committed and knowledgeable airsofters who bring something new to Airsoft Action every single day, and Stu’s appointment is in one way a recognition of all the hard work that he personally has put in to help make Airsoft Action an award-winning publication as a part of that wider team.

His devotion to airsoft as a player and shooter, his knowledge as an engineer, and as his abilities as a great airsoft journalist make him the ideal person to interact with our industry partners at every level, and I am certain that he will carry out his new role with his usual high-levels of enthusiasm and professionalism.

He will bring a new perspective and a new energy to our planning process too as we head into our 12th year of publication, and I look forward to working with him even more closely as we develop Airsoft Action even further.”

Stu’s next major airsoft adventure will be to JAPAN next month where he’ll be visiting some of our friends there, and taking part in the KRYTAC OWNERS MEETING, and with MOA 22 on the horizon too there’ll be a LOT for him to report on… and you’ll see it all in Airsoft Action soon!