C’mon, who among us doesn’t love the idea of a really “BFG” for airsoft!

And as we move ever closer to MOA in Taiwan the releases from our very good friends at VEGAFORCECOMPANY (VFC) are coming thick and fast, and it makes us wonder what else they’re holding back on for the show!

Fact is though, that “airsoft guns” don’t come much bigger and much more impressive than what we Brits refer to as the “Charlie G”, and what VFC call the M3 MAAWS!

VFC tell us that this is;

“The USSOCOM M3 MAAWS Gas Grenade Launcher as imagined by VFC: with its real counterpart’s background being from the Swedish Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle (widely used by the US Special Forces). The actual version of this 84mm man-portable and reusable multi-purpose recoilless rifle is produced by Saab Bofors Dynamics. In service around the world, the Carl Gustav recoilless rifle have also been continuously developed for new uses, including the US special forces and the British SAS as a tool to deal with bunkers and other combat vehicles..”

They go on to say that;

“VFC’s USSOCOM M3 MAAWS utilizes nylon fiber-reinforced polymer for the main structure, which greatly reduces the weight of the whole product. This provides a weight reduction from what would be 10 kg (if manufactured using original material) to about 4 kg with the VFC design. Internally, all key components are still made from metal, so durability is retained where it matters most! This design not only reduces the weight, but also maintains the structural strength…

The USSOCOM M3 MAAWS Gas Launcher includes a simulated 84mm dummy rocket with added functionality. You can install a 40mm airsoft gas grenade by removing the dummy rocket cap on the 84mm rocket. And, the 40mm airsoft gas grenade can either fire BBs or the rubber grenade cap!”

With further developments to come in this program it’s looking mighty fine to us, and thanks to our close relationship with VFC we’ll be testing one out soon!

For now though we’re counting down to MOA to find out what more the best of the airsoft industry in Taiwan has to offer us as players for 2023!